Seasonal Hallway Decorations


Submitted by: Beth Benson

This is a great way to give the halls in your school an extra “punch” of color and to showcase students’ artwork.


  • Boost confidence and creativity by showcasing artwork

Before You Start:
Decide on a theme for the artwork. For example, we’ve used “kites” and “April Showers Bring May Flowers.”

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Different classes in your school can be assigned different projects for the theme. For April showers, for example, one class makes raindrops, one class makes umbrellas, one makes rainbows, etc.

Step 2.
The children can have full creative license to choose which medium to use. The projects can be one-sided, double-sided, laminated, etc.

Step 3.
When the projects are finished, the teachers punch a hole in each one, thread it with clear fishing line and then hang it from the hallway ceiling.

Parents LOVE hunting for their child’s artwork in the hallway (the kids love looking as well) and the hangings REALLY brighten up our hallways!

We often ask parents to send in items that the children can use – scraps of colored paper (other than construction paper), ribbon, lace, plastic jewels, colored glitter, etc. This makes parents feel as though they’re part of the project as well, and can provide positive parent-child communication.

Products You May Need:


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