3-D Christmas Trees and Wreaths


Submitted by: Alicia Colebeck

This is a tangible tree for the children, with “branches” (the green tissue paper), ornaments, and gifts. Fun!


  • The use of brads is a skill all on its own
  • The use of a whole puncher is also a skill builder. It’s for a fun Christmas/Holiday activity.

Before You Start:
Get heavy green construction paper, hole punchers, brads in lots of festive colors, or let them use markers or glitter to add some pizzazz to the brads. Then you’ll need green, red and white tissue paper. Set up your art area and make an example to show off. It’s best for the younger ones that you have pre-printed Christmas trees for them to cut out.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Have the children cut the Christmas tree out.

Step 2.
Then have them use the hole puncher to punch wholes where they want their ornaments (they’ll need a lot of holes).

Step 3.
Then have pre-cut or let them cut smaller pieces of tissue paper out, and they don’t have to be perfect at all.

Step 4.
Then they crumble the tissue paper up and place a brad into the hole.

Step 5.
Then they simply close each brad and the brads hold the tissue paper on, adding dimension. The brads act as the ornaments on the front of the tree!

Step 6.
Trim off any excess paper form the sides, or just leave it a little fluffy if you’d like.

You can use the brads to hold down other “decorations” for the tree – pom-poms, string, or whatever else you want to add to your Christmas tree. You can use a bigger piece of yellow tissue paper and a brad for the star on the top. You can leave paper at the bottom and add gifts held on by the brads.

Products You May Need:


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