Yellow Star, Yellow Star


Submitted by: Jamie Robinson

Shape and color recognition are key for toddlers and preschoolers. This simple activity can be adapted to any shape and helps children recognize shapes and colors easily.


  • Shape and color recognition

Before You Start:
Cut out the shape of a star on the front of a manila file folder (recycle an old one by turning it inside out). Decorate the folder by stamping or coloring stars around the area you cut out. Tape the sides of the folder together leaving the top with the tab open. Place many different colors of paper in the pocket you have created.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
During circle time or in small groups sing or chant “Yellow star, Yellow Star, what do you see?”

Step 2.
Reply, “I see a…” (lift the first sheet of colored paper out of the pocket to reveal the next color) “…red star looking at me.”

Step 3.
“Red Star, Red Star, what do you see? I See a Blue star looking at me.” etc.

This technique can be used on any shape as seasonal shapes, Christmas tree, snowman, snowflake etc.

Products You May Need:


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