Heart Hands


Submitted by: Teri Price

This activity can be used to make art to hang on the wall, a Valentine for a loved one, or also can be laminated for a placemat for your class party! I love laminating, it makes the project a take-home memorabilia for the child and their parents!


  • To have children look at different shapes their hands can make and to make a great Valentine’s Day craft, card or placemat!

Before You Start:

You will need construction paper, decorating materials and paint.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Have the children choose a piece of construction paper that’s their favorite color.

Step 2.
Have a child place one hand in a color of paint, and have them place their other hand in a different color of paint.

Step 3.
Place their hands together to blend or “marble” the colors together.

Step 4.
Make sure their whole hand is covered and have them place one hand on the construction paper slanted diagonal with fingers together.

Step 5.
Then place the other hand on the paper, making a heart with the two handprints.

Step 6.
When it dries, the children can write the things they love, write a note if it’s a Valentine for someone or just decorate the rest of the paper if it’s a placemat. Be sure to put their name and date on the back so they can look back and remember their handprints years from now!

I love crafts that can be saved and looked back upon. Handprints are a great way to remember how small children once are. It’s always fun to look at those projects years from now and remember!!

Products You May Need:


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