“I am a Child of God” Mirror


Preschoolers are beginning to understand that they were made by God. They can see the reflection of how wonderfully they were made in the image of the mirror.


  • To teach the children that they are a child of God
  • To teach the children the bible verse “You were made in the image of God” – Genesis 1:27
  • To teach the children about reflection and how they can see their image in a mirror
  • To help develop their fine motor skills by gluing, and designing their mirror

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: Small size white cardboard frames, Colorations® school glue, glittering rhinestones, iridescent fabric shapes, opal glitter, silver mirror boards, large craft sticks. Pour opal glitter in a flat tray and spread evenly.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Recite the bible verse “You were made in the image of God” – Genesis 1:27.

Step 2.
Ask the children what the verse might mean.

Step 3.
Tell the children they will create a mirror to see their image in it.

Step 4.
Take the small size cardboard frames and have the children brush glue evenly around the brown side.

Step 5.
Have the children place white side of frame in the opal glitter. Shake off excess and wipe off mirror.

Step 6.
Glue large craft stick to the back of the frame to be a handle.

Step 7.
You can write, “God made me” on the handle of the mirror or any other bible verse you wish.

Use these mirrors when talking about how special God made them. Have the children talk about their unique features they see in the mirror, for example; color of their eyes, color and texture of their hair, skin color, nose, teeth, etc.

Products You May Need:


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