Name and Letter Recognition


Submitted by: Margaret Nuckles

The beginning of the school year is a great time to use this activity. It is a great getting-acquainted activity.


  • To help children learn alphabet letters using their own name, and the names of their classmates

Before You Start:
You will need 1 piece of cardstock per child. Spell out each child’s name using colorful foam letters and gluing them onto a piece of cardstock (1 per child). Alternatively, you may simply write out each child’s name with markers.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Hold up a card with the child’s name.

Step 2.
Sing the child’s name to the tune of BINGO – point to the name and each letter as you sing the song: There is a child in kindergarten and Kim is her name-o, K-i-m, K-i-m, K-i-m, and Kim is her name-o…

Step 3.
Repeat the song with each of the children’s names.

You may want to laminate the cardstock to preserve the name cards. Children love to sing about themselves and their classmates. This is a fun way to learn their classmates’ names while also reinforcing letter recognition.

Products You May Need:


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