Egg Carton Bouquets


Create a colorful and simple Spring bouquet using individual egg carton cups!


  • To reuse and recycle egg cartons for a fun Spring craft
  • To encourage creativity and artistic expression
  • To introduce the primary colors and color mixing

Before You Start:
Have children bring clean, empty cardboard egg cartons from home (or provide cartons for those who do not have any). Set out small bowls with BioColor® or Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera paint, paintbrushes, a variety of pipe cleaners, pencils, Colorations® markers and glitter. Cut short pieces of ribbon or raffia for tying bouquets together.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Help children separate the tops of their egg cartons from the bottoms, and cut the bottom into individual egg carton sections/cups.

Step 2.
Talk to the children about the primary colors and introduce color mixing with a short demonstration.

Step 3.
Have children paint their egg carton cups. Encourage them to experiment in creating their own unique color combinations. Allow egg cups to dry completely.

Step 4.
Help children poke a small hole into the bottoms of each egg carton cup. Show them how to insert a pipe cleaner into one of the sections, and bend the end to secure inside.

Step 5.
Allow children to add detail to their egg cup flowers with markers and/or glitter.

Step 6.
Tie children’s “bouquets” together with ribbon or raffia and place around the classroom for a spring display that really blooms!

Gather children at circle time and share a story about springtime and/or flowers, such as Flower Garden by Eve Bunting.

Products You May Need:


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