Puffy Pumpkins


Submitted by: Stephanie Avarett

Make some adorable puffy pumpkins for autumn with this fun, sensory art experience!


  • To explore tactile properties of the squishy paint mixture
  • To express creativity and make a fun autumn craft

Before You Start:
For each child, prepare one cup of shaving cream, one squirt of orange Colorations® paint, a few squirts of school glue in small bowls. Set out facial tissues, construction paper (for background) and brown pipe cleaners.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Have each child combine the paint, glue and shaving cream in their bowls to create an orange mixture.

Step 2.
Let them drop in the tissues, one at a time, into their mixtures and squeeze until saturated.

Step 3.
Have the children then drop the tissues onto the construction paper backgrounds to form a pumpkin shape.

Step 4.
Allow the children to add facial features to their pumpkin “blobs” while they are still wet.

Step 5.
Show the children how to curl a brown pipe cleaner and glue on as a stem if they wish.

Step 6.
Once pumpkins are dry, they will stay puffy for a few weeks and make a great hall display for fall and Thanksgiving!

Colorations® foam paint can also be used instead of the paint and shaving cream mixture. Children can also make their pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! Simply pre-cut tissues into a variety of shapes for dipping into the paint mixture and place onto the pumpkins to form the jack-o-lantern face.

Products You May Need:


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