Resist Art


A variation on the old crayon favorite!


  • To encourage social skills and cooperation
  • To develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: BioColor® paint, sulfite paper, paintbrushes and paint scrapers.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
A project for two children to do together; great for social and fine motor skills.

Step 2.
Give each child two different colors of BioColor®.

Step 3.
Cover a sheet of paper with dime-sized dots.

Step 4.
Place another clean sheet of paper on top and rub lightly – remove top sheet. Each child now has their own painting.

Step 5.
Cover wet painting with black BioColor® (or another dark color) using a brush.

Step 6.
While wet, have children scrape out a design or picture using a plastic paint scraper.

This is a great open-ended project that allows children to experiment with different color combinations and be creative with their designs.

Products You May Need:


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