Paper Roll Penguins


These cute and perky penguins are a super easy winter activity to make using recycled craft rolls!


  • To create a fun winter craft using recycled materials and learn about a special animal
  • To practice shape recognition
  • To encourage fine motor skills and creativity

Before You Start:
Provide recycled craft rolls to use for the craft. Cut small sections of black Colorations® construction paper for the children to use to cover their rolls and small lengths of ribbon, rick rack or yarn for scarves. The teacher may also want to create templates for some of the other penguin parts ahead of time for younger children to easily trace, cut and glue to their craft rolls, i.e. wings on black paper, tummy and head shapes using white paper, yellow/brown webbed feet. Lastly, provide small bowls with glue, Colorations® markers and crayons.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Talk to the children about penguins. Discuss what they look like, where they live, what they eat, etc. Explain that they will be making their own penguins using the recycled materials and discuss how many of the penguin parts will be circles and ovals. Review circles and ovals and other shapes they may see on their penguins.

Step 2.
Have children glue the black construction paper around the cardboard rolls for the penguins’ bodies.

Step 3.
Have them cut out two circles for the head, an oval for the tummy, webbed feet and a pair of wings using the construction paper templates you’ve provided. (The results do not have to be perfect, as the creativity of the process is an important part of the project.)

Step 4.
Children can then glue the ovals onto the front of their penguins’ bodies, the feet to stick out from the bottom of the rolls and the wings to the back.

Step 5.
Show them how to layer a small white circle on top of a larger black circle and paste together to make their penguins’ heads. Have them glue the heads onto their penguins.

Step 6.
Allow children to decorate the faces with Colorations® markers and/or crayons any way they like.

Step 7.
Have children add a final touch by tying a piece of ribbon, yarn or rick rack around their craft rolls to look like scarves. Now everyone has their own original paper penguins to display around the classroom.

This is a great opportunity to incorporate a lesson on other cold climate dwelling animals and their wintertime activities. The teacher could also talk to the children about the different types of penguins that live in warmer climates as well. Consider a penguin parade or some kind of dramatic play that will allow the children to interact together with their finished penguin figures.

Products You May Need:


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