True & False Discussion Paddles


Submitted by: Tracy Emond

The discussion paddle allows each child to express themselves during a classroom lesson or conversation without talking over each other.


  • To provide a system for teachers to quickly check student responses
  • To teach taking turns and self-expression

Before You Start:
Gather supplies needed for the activity: hand-held fans, markers, paints, sequins, glitter, glue and other decorative items.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Provide each child with their own hand-held fan. Have children make a large “T” in the middle of one side and an “F” on the other.

Step 2.
Allow them to decorate any way they wish with the materials provided. Allow fans to dry. Now they each have their own “paddle” to use for discussions, lessons and review sessions in class.

Step 3.
Ask the children a question or make a statement. Have the children hold up their paddles showing if they think the answer is true or false.

Alternatively, have the children write the word “agree” in the middle of one side and “disagree” on the other. The children can hold up their paddles to show whether they agree or disagree in discussions. They can also be used for yes/no questions.

Products You May Need:


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