Pumpkin Sox


Submitted by: LeeAnn Veinotte

Make a pumpkin using a nylon knee-high sock!


  • To create a 3-D art project for fall
  • To encourage creativity with a fun craft

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed for activity: knee-high nylons (0.33 weight suggested), material for stuffing, plastic craft needles, yarn, paintbrushes and yellow and orange paint. The teacher may want to pre-thread the needles with yarn beforehand.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Give each child a nylon knee-high sock and have them stuff with the materials you have provided. Have them fill their socks with enough stuffing so it begins to take the shape of a pumpkin. The more they stuff, the bigger the pumpkin.

Step 2.
Help children tie off the end and cut the excess sock. Be sure to leave enough so that it looks like a stem!

Step 3.
Help children thread the needles (or provide a pre-threaded needle) with yarn, and tie a knot at the end of the string.

Step 4.
Have children start from the bottom of the pumpkin. Push needle up to the top through the middle.

Step 5.
Next, take yarn on the outside of the pumpkin and come back up through the bottom again to the top. Repeat, leaving a space between each of your “stitches”, all the way around the pumpkin (pull a little tight). This makes the rings or grooves around the outside of the pumpkin.

Step 6.
Once you’ve made your grooves in the pumpkin, make a knot in the yarn at the top and tie off.

Step 7.
Children can paint their pumpkins any way they like. Display around the room for the fall season!

Paint or glue on some leaves and color the stem with green or brown paint. You may also want to experiment with sponges or rollers to add texture when painting. For Halloween, make jack-o-lanterns by decorating you new creation with pom poms, buttons, wiggly eyes, markers and more!

Products You May Need:


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