Planet Protector

planetprotectorChildren take pride in being given responsibilities if those responsibilties are manageable and explained. Let them help out in the classroom!


  • To encourage recycling and environmental awareness
  • To promote self-esteem and cooperation

Before You Start:
Recycle some cardboard boxes for the activity. Set out scissors, crayons and markers.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Cut a slit up from the opening of the bag to the bottom, and cut out the bottom of the bag, leaving the boxy shape intact. You can leave a lip of paper as a “collar.”

Step 2.
Cut two holes, one on each side, for sleeves. The bag should be in a “vest” shape. Decorate it or invite the children to decorate it with a drawn on “badge” and symbols of either recycling or the earth.

Step 3.
Each week, choose a new child to wear the vest and take charge of recycling duties for the classroom.

Talk with the children about different organizations that help take care of our environment. Discuss other ways children could help the environment at home.

Products You May Need:


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