Craft Tube Shark

craftsharkCelebrate Shark Week by creating your very own shark using common materials.


  • To practice using fine motor skills
  • To engage in discussions about sharks
  • To engage in pretend play

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: BioColor® paint, craft tubes, wiggly eyes, glue, tape and paper.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Cut a triangle out of one end of a craft tube. Keep both triangle pieces.

Step 2.
Tape and glue (a little of both work best) one of the triangles to the uncut side of the craft tube.

Step 3.
Help the children carefully cut a slot in the top of the craft tube. Make a small fold along the long end of the second triangle piece and insert it into the slot. Tape the folded part of the triangle to the top underside of the craft tube.

Step 4.
Paint the craft tube and triangles grey. Allow to fully dry.

Step 5.
Cut strips of sharp teeth out of white paper and glue to the cut side of the craft tube.

Step 6.
Add final details to your shark. Use black marker to draw gills and then add wiggly eyes!

Step 7.
Optional: Glue a stick or straw to your shark to turn it into a puppet!

Read books about sharks, or watch programs on TV to learn about these fascinating creatures!

Products You May Need:


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