Exploration Ice Blocks


Submitted by: Mandy White

Let little ones explore textures, colors, temperatures and more!


  • To learn about different textures
  • To practice matching skills
  • To learn about the different forms of water: gas, solid, liquid

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: ice cube trays, plastic containers, Liquid Watercolor™ and various materials (glitter, colored sand, colored rice, leaves, flowers, rocks, small sticks, etc.).

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Fill the different compartments with a little bit of the different materials you gathered. Carefully fill the tray with water. Add some drops of Liquid Watercolor™ to some of the compartments. Allow to freeze overnight.

Step 2.
The next day, empty the ice cube tray into a clear plastic container. Allow the children to touch and feel the cubes and encourage discussion about how the different materials frozen inside of them feel.

Step 3.
Use tweezers to help you explore the different ice cubes, while also practicing the pincer grasp.

Ask the children to match cubes with similar attributes (colors, size, materials, etc.), or try practicing fine motor skills by stacking the cubes.

Products You May Need:


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