Geometric Builders


Submitted by: Vicki Lemanczyk

Children explore geometric shapes using simple, reusable materials.


  • To identify, create and copy geometric shapes
  • To identify and recreate letters of the alphabet

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: colored craft sticks, paper, markers, hook and loop circles.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Stick a hook circle to one end of each craft stick and a loop circle to the other end of each craft stick.

Step 2.
On sheets of paper, draw and label a geometric shape. Each sheet should have only one shape. Suggested shapes include square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, hexagon and pentagon. Optional: Laminate each sheet for repeated use.

Step 3.
Give a shape pattern and some hook and loop craft sticks to the children. Have them recreate the shape using their craft sticks.

Step 4.
Adapt this activity to recreate numbers, letters or other patterns.

Allow the children to build open-ended creations using the hook and loop craft sticks, without providing a shape or pattern for them to follow.

Products You May Need:


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