Discount School Supply® offers the lowest prices guaranteed on thousands of arts and crafts materials, school supplies and educational products. Early childhood educators, caregivers and parents of young children can choose from top-quality products for active & dramatic play, math, language, special needs, furniture and more! Shop online at www.DiscountSchoolSupply.com.

Submit an Activity!

Busy teachers and parents need all the help they can get, which is why we make it easy to view our selection of FREE activities, many submitted by people like you! We appreciate you taking time out of your day to share your ideas with us. If we feature your activity on our Web site, we’ll send you a $50 gift certificate to thank you for sharing your creativity.

All activities should be projects that children can create. If you have an educational idea to go along with the completed activity, that’s even better! We especially love activities that celebrate holidays and the seasons. If you have more than one idea, feel free to submit all of them! (Submitters are eligible to receive compensation once every 3 months.)

A picture of the completed activity is required to be featured on our Web site. You can either include a URL for the location of a picture when you submit your activity, or send one in an e-mail to: activities@discountschoolsupply.com. Please do not include any children or adults in your photo(s).

Submit your activity now!


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