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Matching Fun!


Submitted by: Teri Price

This is a fun matching game for any age.


  • To help children match, categorize and have fun doing it
  • To match like objects and look for differences

Before You Start:
Get small wooden objects from a craft store. The flat ones can usually be bought in packs of 10. Paint them in pairs, making two the same. After they dry, place Hook & Loop Fastener on the back to use on a felt board – but you could also use magnets. This is a lot of fun to do with different seasons: *For Halloween, I made different faces on pumpkins. The children had to look for the different eye shapes and mouth expressions. *For Christmas, make different ornaments on the trees – make some look alike, just changing the color on a few ornaments. This makes it a little trickier for the children. *Easter eggs, leaves, beach balls, any shape would work.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Place the 10 shapes on a felt board and have each child match a pair.

Step 2.
Explain what differences to look for between the objects.

Step 3.
They can do this for circle time, or just free time. My preschool kids are excited to see the new ones up when they come each week.

This activity is just a fun learning game. It really helps the children look for differences and like objects. It is fun for the teacher to paint too. Children can learn to be more observant. Make the pictures harder for older children and more obvious for toddlers and younger.

Products You May Need: