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Giant Golf Ball Painting


Submitted by: Jamie Toriello

Go BIG and take marble painting to a new level!


  • To introduce and practice teamwork skills
  • To practice coordination

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: a plastic kiddie pool, used/old golf balls (check local golf shops) and a variety of paper and BioColor® paint colors.

Let’s Get Started!
Step 1.
Place sheets of paper at the bottom of the pool, somewhat in the center.

Step 2.
Squirt multiple colors of BioColor® paint around the edges of the pool. Try to be aware of and use colors that will mix with each other to create new colors.

Step 3.
Place multiple golf balls in the pool.

Step 4.
Have the children line up around the pool and grab the side. Encourage them to work together to get the golf balls to run into the paint and over the paper.

Step 5.
When finished, display your beautiful masterpieces and use a hose to rinse the pool!

Do this activity several days in a row to see how the children’s improves given more practice. Ask them what they’ve learned about mixing colors. What are some of their favorite colors to make?

Products You May Need: